Building on an Industry Standard

Why S&P DJI ESG Scores?

Depth and Relevance of Analysis

  • Scores are built on direct company responses to SAM’s CSA and publicly available data.
  • Companies are assessed based on criteria specific to their industry.
  • Scoring framework is driven by SAM’s financial materiality analysis, which is also industry-specific.

Emphasis on Results

  • Approach rewards companies for awareness and disclosure, data quality and performance on specific ESG criteria. It is supplemented by an ongoing Media & Stakeholder Analysis to ensure that corporate behavior is in line with stated policies and expected best practices.
  • Ongoing methodological refinements progressively drive forward each industry’s ESG benchmark, continually setting the bar higher for best-in-class status.

Rigorous Validation Mechanisms

  • SAM’s Media and Stakeholder Analysis provides intra-update checks and balances to ensure companies are upholding the standards they communicate to their stakeholders.
  • SAM’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment process is externally audited by a leading external consultancy firm.

In Practice: Using Our ESG Scores

  • Portfolio Exclusions/Best-in-Class Screens

    Define an investable universe to exclude low-scoring companies or identify top performers. Reduce reputational or performance risk, or seek potential alpha.

  • Portfolio Tilts

    Target improved ESG performance while still seeking to achieve benchmark-like returns, or integrate ESG into factor-based strategies.

  • ESG Integration

    Analyze the risks associated with different ESG criteria. Understand how ESG factors may correlate with financial performance.

  • Shareholder Voting and Engagement

    Identify laggards within industries to promote targeted and evidence-based company engagement.

  • ESG Action Plans

    Understand how your company compares to industry peers and identify key drivers of performance to inform ESG strategies.

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